living with depression

Monthly Archives: October 2016

Recently I have found my mood hasn’t been good and I feel that it’s been worse due to a friend who also suffers with depreesion and he is constantly being negative.  It’s been hard to try and be positve all of the time but I am cautious with my responses.  I’m finding it tougher as each day goes by just to put the mask on.  I’m also having to deal with tiredness each day which doesn’t help.

Last week was a good week for me as we wemt to Wemyss Bay in Scotland.  We did plenty of exploring as the weather wasn’t too bad and went to Cumbrae on Wednesday.  It is a small island with one small town on it so it didn’t take long to drive round it.  We had a lovely time in the town, Millport, which included spending time in one of the shops which is used by the church which is a great form of evangelism.  We came away with a number of copies of a book which were free so it is good that we can pass them on to other people.  The only trouble is whenever we go away we seem to come back to problems and this happened again.  If I was paranoid I would believe that people we know are punishing us for going away.


I can’t remember the last time we had a real rest.  Each day it seems as something crops up and I end up being up late trying to catch up on stuff I want to do.  Generally I am sleeping well at night but I still wake up feeling tired.

We will be having a week off work which I am looking forward too.  It will do us both good to have time out from the daily routine and spend time resting.  It’s also been a stressful time as it seems as if there has been one thing after another that is going wrong.  There have been positives though which have kept me going.