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Monthly Archives: December 2016

A couple of weeks ago I saw my GP and mentioned the problems I’m having eating – not the reason for seeing him -and certain foods being painful to eat.  He did a referal for me to have an endoscopy and told me it would take about two weeks to get an appointment.  On the Friday I got a phone call from Darlington Memorial Church to ask if I would like to take a cancellation appointment on the Saturday.  I took the appointment and found out I have two small ulcers in my stomach and there is some erosion on my osophagus due to having taken Naproxen.  Since then I have found out I’m anaemic as well I am now taking iron tablets and folic acid.

I’ve found it easy to accept changes to medication but have now got a bit worried as I have recieved a letter from my surgery.  Apparantly phone calls have been made but I’ve been out yet messages haven’t been left which I find odd.  Hopefully I will find out more tomorrow.  My Grandma died after a fall and she had had an ulcer which burst when she fell.  Nobody knew about the ulcer until then.  My Dad also had an ulcer which was operated on then he went on to have stomach cancer.


On my birthday we went on a coach trip to Blackpool as I had never seen the lights and Rick thought it would be a nice break from driving.  It was a long day but it was worth it to see the lights.  Naturally the best were kept till the last and I really enjoyed that.

Since then my mood has been up and down but not eating properly hasn’t helped with yesterday morning being bad for me.  We went to Newcastle to a Chamber of Commerce event which was worth the trip to be there.  The downside was towards the end of us looking round – we didn’t stay till the end – I started feeling very lightheaded and my head was spinning due to the lack of food.  We were able to sit and have a drink to relax.  I ate a small piece of chocolate which helped me feel better.  The good point of yesterday was being able to make contact