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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Today I wish I had taken at least one of my phones over to our friend’s home with it recording.  He has been making alterations to his kitchen to get his washing machine in place.  Our friend went to push a drawer back into place under the draining board but the front of it came away from the main part so he was left standing there with the drawer in the cupboard and the front bit in his hand.  I could see what was going to happen and started laughing then Rick started laughing and neither of us could speak straight away.  Moments like that cheer me up.

On Thursday evening at bible study I saw the funny side of the conversation towards the end of the sessions.  One of our friends brought up a conversation she had with a mutual friend but didn’t name her.  She had a disagreement with the friend in reference to a video and divorce.  Now Rick and I knew exactly who she was talking about but the others didn’t.  Somehow how we managed to keep bible study on track but it was funny looking at another friend’s expression during the conversation.

He was gracious enough not to ask us who the person was at the end of bible study.  Instead he asked us what we are presenting at the Sunday Service as it’s a local arrangement and we have been asked to talk about the family ministry course we did in January.  He got a “I don’t know yet” answer from both of us.  We have decided that I will talk for about five minutes about the actual course and Rick will do the sermon since then.  I still need to sort out some relevent relevent verses yet as I keep getting interruptions.




The past year has been a living nightmare one way and another with the occasional days of real happiness and us making the best of the tough times.  Today has been one of real relief that I have been given the all clear from the hospital over my eyes.  Last year my optician referred me due to concerns when my eyes were tested.  On my first appointment at the hospital I was told there was weakness in my left eye.  Whatever the problem was it seems to have sorted itself out so today I am happy.