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Monthly Archives: July 2017

The past few weeks have been difficult due to the stress we’ve been put through by one family. I can’t remember when the last time I didn’t feel tired. The past week has been easier as I’ve spent more time at home so I have had time to get our home tidier.

The worst time of the week was on Wednesday as we took friends to an appointment in Newton Aycliffe. While we were waiting for them to come out we had a phone call from our friend Stewart to let us know that Tinkerbelle had died. We were completely shocked as she wasn’t quite 3 years old. When we got home I went to see Tinkerbelle who had been placed in a box and covered with a quilt in our backgarden. There wasn’t a mark on her which confirmed what was already suspected that it was natural causes even though she had appeared fit. Myself, Rick and a few others suspect it could have been Diabetes as Tinkerbelle had been eating and drinking a lot but wasn’t a big or fat cat. Earlier this year we had taken her to the vets due to her drinking and being sick. We were told to keep her on a specific diet and see how she went and Tinkerbelle stopped being sick. It’s really upset us and our neighbours as Tinkerbelle was loved so much.
Rest in peace our little Tinkerbella – we went through so much from bottle feeding you from two weeks old, your neck problems which we constantly bathed for months, being ill this year and now holding you in our hearts.

The best time of this week has been getting a kitten whom we have named Grace. We had been talking to a lady in Tesco a few weeks ago who told us her cat had had five kittens so we said we would have one. She rang us last Saturday asking if we still wanted one. Rick told her we would be round on Sunday as we were out – we were and on our way to Keswick. The lady asked if we could take all five so we agreed as we didn’t think it would be hard to rehome them all. Our friend didn’t take any persuasion to decide to keep one as the little angel snuggled into his neck. By Wednesday afternoon the other three were rehomed. I am still getting telephone calls and texts asking if we have any left even though we have made it clear that there aren’t any left.
Our newest little angel.

Our two other furbabies Tasha and Cassie have been great with Grace who is a typical little kitten by eating, sleeping and racing all over the place. I am just wondering how long it will before my legs and hands are ripped to shreds by one little kitty….


The latest in the long running saga a family making our lives miserable is having the flat front middle window smashed. It is a double glazed unit and only the outer window was smashed but still needs a new unit in. I don’t know how much longer we can keep going on like this. To date the damage amounts to:

Three shop windows being smashed
The street door smashed beyond repair
The flat door needing to be repaired
Flat dooor glass being smashed
Landing (of flat) window smashed
Middle window of shop smashed
Now the flat window.

The damage to the doors was caused by the police because of the tenant overdosing so we can’t even claim of the insurance for that. The police paid half towards the doors as a good will gesture but doesn’t make us feel any better. We are still waitng for the insurance for the first lot of damage and that’s dating back to the 20th April that the windows first got smashed. I have very little faith left in the insurance company.

My faith in the police is now non-existent due to the lack of anything they can do. Fair enough when the second window was smashed nobody could say for definite who was to blame although we have a good idea who it was. The first time we had the CCTV so that proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. The third and fouth time we had CCTV footage but the person had a hood on and the last he also had his face covered. Despite us knowing who it is and the police knowing as well that’s not good enough so the thug is getting away with it.