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Monthly Archives: August 2017

The past few weeks have been the ‘usual’ of doing too much and not having enough hours in the day. Grace is getting bigger, more playful and being a good play mate for Cassie. Tasha, on the other hand, hasn’t been so good.

We knew she was having a bit of a problem with her right eye and sneezing regularly. The weekend before last her eye was extremely swollen so Rick rang up the vets who said it wasn’t an emergency and to ring up last Monday for an appointment. Rick did that and we were given an appointment for Tuesday. Tasha doesn’t go far but this time she did one of her rare disappearing acts so the appointment had to be cancelled. I went out at 11.45 pm for one last check round and as I walked to our car just in case Tasha had gone underneath it as she does sometimes I heard a meowing. It was such a relieve to know it was Tasha.

Rick rang up the vets straight away and was told to get her to their practise which we did. With a bit of gentle prodding pus and blood came from Tasha eye then she had an x-ray. The good news that she doesn’t have cancer but she has an abcess behind her eye. Tasha was kept in over night due to having an anaesthetic and them wanting to monitor her. By the time we got to bed it was about 2 – 2.30 am in the morning. We picked up Tasha up late Wednesday afternoon along with medication for her.

We had to take Tasha back on Friday so the vet could have another look as removing her right eye had been was the worst option. She said Tasha’s eye is better but there is still a risk that it might be removed or she could go blind in the eye. We have more medication and a final decisoon will be made on Friday.

Tasha has her moments for being a cantankerous cat but she can also be very loving too when it suits her. We love that cat so much as she is a character, very good with Grace and tolerant of Cassie considering she is nine years old.


Dear Mum

I love you lots and lots because you showwer me with love and make sure I eat well.

I am sorry that I am a V.D.K. (very demanding kitten) but I know how much you love me and find it theraputic to cuddle me and stroke me. It’s fun though to be a crazy kitten racing around and tormenting Cassie the dog. She has got to learn how to be as crafty as me. Of course I’m a lot faster than Cassie and can get into smaller places than her. I love curling up with Cassie on the bed with you and Dad lying round us two. Cassie will protect me when I’m big enough to go out as we are B.F.F (best friends forever).

It’s great that you have allowed me to make a new friend, Zimba, and I am looking forward to having play dates with my sister, Nicole. Thank you for taking us and our three siblings to see Stewart and he was quite happy to look after them until they went to their forever families.

I will be better behaved when I’m older and Ilove you very much.

Lots of love
from your V.D.K.