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I have never used the word ‘bleh’ before and don’t intend using it again. It probably has much to do with being taught grammar from an early age and my parents being strict on it. Now I am at a age when it’s suddenly occurred to me how scary I can be about using ‘good’ grammar – is there such a thing as ‘bad’ grammar?

This morning I was thinking how badly I was generally feeling and ‘bleh’ came to mind so being the “I need to use the right word” type of person I googled bleh. The following is just a few random links that came up:
(slang) A word used in conversation to reflect general indifference to a situation or object of conversation.
What did you think of the movie?” “Bleh, poopy. You?”
(slang) An expression of mild disgust, possible imitative of vomiting
State of mind usually caused by boredom or a annoying situation that doesn’t really causes any heavy emotional reactions.
After I flunked yet another test by a huge lack of study I just felt bleh.
BLEH Definition / BLEH Means
The definition of BLEH is “Expression of boredom”
from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License
interj. A word used in conversation to reflect general indifference to a situation or object of conversation.
adj. Mildly uncomfortable; not good.

It comes close to explaining how I feel right now and have been feeling on and off for the past year. Just when I believe life is getting better it doesn’t and when I believe it couldn’t get any worse it does.

I am thankful to have a husband, kitten and dog that makes life worth living.


It’s been a tough couple of weeks …. again!

We’ve been back to the vets again with Tasha whose eye is getting better but I still have to give her antibiotics and a pain killer. Tasha is tough and seems to be taking it in her stride accepting that we are trying to help her. I would rather go through what she has been through than seeing her suffer. Amazingly Tasha has been tolerant with Gracie who is still a crazy kitten. Cassie still loves playing with her.

My problem is being so stressed out for over a year. I am struggling with trying to keep going and putting on my mask each day. Sadly I have had too many years of practise of hiding how I really feel inside. It has been a continual struggle to get through each day