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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Highlight of my year has been going to Wemyss Bay for a week at the beginning of November for a week. We went two days before my birthday which made it more special. Having Cassie was a good excuse to make sure we walked regularly. On the Saturday we went over to Cumbrae as we had enjoyed the trip over last year. This time we went over by foot having forgotten how far away Millport was from where the ferry docked and we didn’t have enough cash to get on the bus. It took us two hours so we were exhausted but Cassie loved the walk. I went to the post office and got some cash out so that we could get the bus back then had a look round the shops.

This year we also went to Bute but took the car this time. The island is bigger than Cumbrae and Rothesay is also a bigger town than Millport. Cassie enjoyed being there as well although I’m not so sure she liked the ferry. It was lovely to meet up with friends who live in Paisley, we have known them for a few years now and we had a lovely meal in Largs.

Going to Embo (north of Inverness) was beautiful and our caravan was virtually on the beach so we had a lovely view. Unfortunately we were on edge as our now ex tenant brought trouble to the shop which got worse after we got home. I would like to go up that way again though.

My hips are getting worse and I’m having x-rays done tomorrow, I am still severely depressed and we are still waiting to get the insurance through from when various windows were smashed at the year earlier this year. It is horrible trying to be happy on the surface when Rick and I have suffered with some issues for about 18 months for a different reason. I wish we could see a light at the end of the tunnel.


I had convinced myself that we wouldn’t have a holiday until next year. Thankfully we were able to book a week away starting Friday for a week. Already I am feeling much better which is a relieve as I was close to having a breakdown. Stewart being away for two weeks didn’t help although I don’t begrudge him having a holiday.

Yesterday we had the bright idea of going over to Millport which is on Cumbrae as foot passengers. We had a look round Largs first and it is very much the same as last year which was good. Cassie wasn’t too sure about the ferry when we got on it but soon settled. When we got there we were told it was about three miles and as we didn’t have enough money for the bus (can’t use bus passes in Scotland) we had to work. It was a lovely walk as it’s the coastel road but we were exhausted when we got to the town. We think it was more like a four mile walk and took and 1 hour and 45 minutes to walk there. Cassie loved the walk but that slowed us up a bit as she can’t walk in a straight line unless she has her halti on. Having osteoarthritis was a hinderance as well yet we managed to get there so I am proud of that.

We could hardly move this morning yet went out anyway as we like the area. Today we went to Greenoch which is another nice town. As we had Cassie we couldn’t go into the shopping mall but we still did some ‘window shopping’ on the way to what the locals call the splash. It’s a lovely walk for dog owners and dogs plus it is a clear day (sunny) so it was enjoyable even with aches and pains. On the way back we stopped just before Wemyss Bay holiday park to let Cassie have a paddle in the sea which, as always, she enjoyed.

Rick was a bit concerned as it’s my birthday yet I can’t think of a better way to spend the day. I am sitting at the table looking out a on lovely view of the bay. Tigger aka Jacob was an early present so I’m more than happy.