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Monthly Archives: May 2018

I haven’t slept well for over a week now and it’s getting me down. Stress isn’t helping due to what’s happening with myself and Rick in our circuit. Rick has had his membership transferred to another circuit for a variety of reasons. I haven’t decided what I want to do but I don’t want mine to be transferred but I’m not sure I want to remain a member at our current circuit. We have both been hurt, battered and bruised by the connexional team and neither of us have done anything wrong.

Today I had hoped to have a better conversation with out minister but I didn’t and he isn’t going to be around for almost a month. For what’s been said so far I’m not filled with confidence that life in the church will get any better for me. Just thinking about what’s happened makes me miserable.


It never ceases to amaze me why people who don’t bother others and just want a quiet life suffer the most?

I am a prime example of this yet again I am suffering all because others. I mind my own business, don’t tell others how to live their lives, give a ‘listening ear’ when needed and don’t expect others to put themselves out for me. If anything I would prefer to be left alone when possible. The latest thing to really infuriate me is a woman who has stolen a tablet from the shop I volunteer at. What annoys me even more is one of the partners was walking upstairs when she did this and he was walking towards he so couldn’t have missed what she did. The item stolen wasn’t even for sale and is used for card payments. It is on contract so now the shop will be paying for something that has been stolen until a replacement is in the shop.