living with depression

Monthly Archives: October 2018

It feels like we are never getting time to rest or have a break which is sad. We were away a month ago yet it seems much longer ago.

I am on a losing battle with depression with anxiety levels going through the roof and OCD symptons creeping back into my daily life. It’s been under control for quite a while and need to see my doctor but feel too exhausted to make an appointment.

Little highlights in my life are having two crazy kittens who are siblings of Jacob, a little girl who comes into one of our shops and looking forward to my sister’s 60th birthday. We will be staying down south for the weekend so we intend to make the most of it.


Over the past couple of months a now ex neighbour and family have been making our lives miserable. I really don’t understand why other than them trying to get out of paying us the money they owe the shop we volunteer at money. It’s been that bad they have tried blackmailing us into dropping the court case and have told lies. After the last attempt by the daughter we had a police officer come to our home – third time of reporting problems to the police. The officer has left three messages on the mother’s mobile phone and one on the daughter’s phone which has been turned off since then. They know they are in the wrong.

We went away for a week with friends and our dog. The weather was good for us which also helped us to relax but I wish we could have stayed away longer. A good end to the holiday was getting two kittens who are siblings of our youngest cat and the other two were taken by our friends. The lady was really happy that the kittens went to two homes rather than completely different homes. I have Peggy Sue on my lap and Patch aka Pebbles behind my back on a cushion.