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Monthly Archives: December 2018

I’m having okayish days on the whole at the moment which is a kind of blessing.  It helps me having people around that make me smile and laugh but hovering in the background is stress volunteering related.

It’s a scary thought that it is Christmas Day in 9 days time.  We are going to Tindale Crossing again as we like the food there and it’s worth the money to get waited on.  It has a good atmosphere as well plus it gets us out for a couple of hours.

We, and the other volunteers, are going to the Bowburn  Hall Hotel next Saturday.  They are having an 80’s night with a 4 course meal so another outing to look forward to.

I won’t be making any resolutions as usual for the New Year as they are hard to keep.  All I want is a happy life and making money for charities and the community.


We arrived safely in Essex on Friday evening and the hotel we are in is comfortable.  In the afternoon we went to see my sister, brother-in-law and great nephew who is 7 years old now.  The evening was spent at Rick’s sister’s home with his brother in law and brother.  She cooked a lovely roast beef dinner with apple crumble for desert.

On Saturday we spent time in Lakeside and it’s changed so much since the last time we were here.  There is much more in the retail park as well.  Saturday night was my sister’s party so it was great to catch up with people I haven’t seen for a long time.  They include a friend of my sister’s whose eldest daughter who is the same age as my sister’s eldest daughter.  She hasn’t changed at all and I couldn’t get over how much her youngest daughter looks like her.  The eldest wasn’t there but I was happy that the youngest recognised as I hadn’t expected her to remember me.  We haven’t seen each other since she was a child.

An old school friend was also there as she has worked at the same Job Centre that my sister has worked at until she retired on Friday.  We got to know each other when we were 14 or I may have turned 15.  I’m not sure who was the bad influence, maybe we were as bad as each other although we weren’t bad kids.  We started going to the pub at 15 but we never had more than two drinks as a rule and would have crisps.  So many good memories came back to me.

Yesterday we spent time Rick’s eldest sister and brother in law which included going for a carvery.  We spent time at the hotel then spent just over an hour with my sister and brother in law.  I am happy we have spent time with my sister as I have missed her so much over the years.  Today has been a lazy day.