living with depression

Monthly Archives: February 2019

Life isn’t getting any better and no matter what I do something happens every day to make me feel down. I keep wondering what I have done so wrong to keep getting attack one way or another. It doesn’t help when someone makes a comment that is hurtful and I wonder why the person believes I won’t react well when they are ill. This person knows I have a temper but I have never ever let rip at this person. I usually make a comment to let others know when my mood isn’t great but I’m polite with it.

On a better note we found out that we had won our case against a company. The owner of the company acted unlawfully over how he got a bill paid and was convinced he had acted legally. It must have been painful for him to write a cheque out for us but I really don’t care. Now I have grounds to take the matter further with the enforcement company he used as they knew what he wanted to do was unlawful but it didn’t stop them from doing what they did.

I have tried making a complaint by email but have been ignored twice now so the next step is to make it more formal. The next step is to put it in writing with proof that what was done to us was unlawful.


Just when I think life is improving something happens to get my mood back to square one. I hate being miserable all of the time but I can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Each day I hope it’s going to be a better day yet something will happen to make me see I am kidding myself and life is never going to get any better.

The only thing keeping me going are my pets but I don’t know for how much longer. The thought of going to sleep and not waking up is my best option ….