living with depression

Monthly Archives: April 2019

No the title of the post doesn’t make sense but that just about sums up how I feel. I am trying to take my medication at regular intervals but now I’m struggling with the I can’t be bothered feeling. Life is unbearable at the moment and it seems like there is one problem after another. I can’t remember what it is like to be happy most of the time. Even on bad often something would happen to make me smile or laugh.

I feel so tired all of the time yet often it’s hard to go most of night without waking. A holiday would be great but we can’t afford that right at this time. We will be going away later in the year which can’t come quick enough for me.

On top of having to deal with my own depression I am having to deal with Rick. I know I have my moments and wish I could take back what I’ve said yet he thinks it’s acceptable to snap at me all the time. I’m tired of his constant accusations of me moaning all the time and I feel like I can’t be honest as I don’t want the accusations. Sometimes I get angry which I hate then feel sad that I’ve allowed Rick to push my buttons.