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Daily Archives: October 8, 2019

I’m getting to an age where funerals are occuring more often for people I know with the next one being my great niece’s on 22nd October. Even though the family knew she was going to die it hasn’t made it any easier;

I am thankful she was born alive

I am thankful her parents held her

that her brother was able to hold her

she lived for just over a day, but….

saddened that her eldest brother didn’t meet her

we didn’t get to meet her (distance is great)

she died too young, yet …

She will always be part of the family

she lives in our hearts

we will get to meet her one day.

Doesn’t make it any easier and her mother, father and two brothers live with pain day by day.

Goodnight and God Bless Chloe, you were too perfect and special for this world and you know you are loved.