living with depression


I had convinced myself that we wouldn’t have a holiday until next year. Thankfully we were able to book a week away starting Friday for a week. Already I am feeling much better which is a relieve as I was close to having a breakdown. Stewart being away for two weeks didn’t help although I don’t begrudge him having a holiday.

Yesterday we had the bright idea of going over to Millport which is on Cumbrae as foot passengers. We had a look round Largs first and it is very much the same as last year which was good. Cassie wasn’t too sure about the ferry when we got on it but soon settled. When we got there we were told it was about three miles and as we didn’t have enough money for the bus (can’t use bus passes in Scotland) we had to work. It was a lovely walk as it’s the coastel road but we were exhausted when we got to the town. We think it was more like a four mile walk and took and 1 hour and 45 minutes to walk there. Cassie loved the walk but that slowed us up a bit as she can’t walk in a straight line unless she has her halti on. Having osteoarthritis was a hinderance as well yet we managed to get there so I am proud of that.

We could hardly move this morning yet went out anyway as we like the area. Today we went to Greenoch which is another nice town. As we had Cassie we couldn’t go into the shopping mall but we still did some ‘window shopping’ on the way to what the locals call the splash. It’s a lovely walk for dog owners and dogs plus it is a clear day (sunny) so it was enjoyable even with aches and pains. On the way back we stopped just before Wemyss Bay holiday park to let Cassie have a paddle in the sea which, as always, she enjoyed.

Rick was a bit concerned as it’s my birthday yet I can’t think of a better way to spend the day. I am sitting at the table looking out a on lovely view of the bay. Tigger aka Jacob was an early present so I’m more than happy.


Recently I have found my mood hasn’t been good and I feel that it’s been worse due to a friend who also suffers with depreesion and he is constantly being negative.  It’s been hard to try and be positve all of the time but I am cautious with my responses.  I’m finding it tougher as each day goes by just to put the mask on.  I’m also having to deal with tiredness each day which doesn’t help.

Last week was a good week for me as we wemt to Wemyss Bay in Scotland.  We did plenty of exploring as the weather wasn’t too bad and went to Cumbrae on Wednesday.  It is a small island with one small town on it so it didn’t take long to drive round it.  We had a lovely time in the town, Millport, which included spending time in one of the shops which is used by the church which is a great form of evangelism.  We came away with a number of copies of a book which were free so it is good that we can pass them on to other people.  The only trouble is whenever we go away we seem to come back to problems and this happened again.  If I was paranoid I would believe that people we know are punishing us for going away.


Last week we went to Skegness for a week and it was a much needed holiday.  Friends at one of the churches we go to own the caravan we stayed in so knew it would be nice.  We were surprised to see the caravan has four bedrooms, two doubles and two singles.  The toilet with hand basin were separate to the shower which also had a hand basin.

The one sadness was our friend couldn’t be with us.  Her friend had a good time with us though and it was a real break for her.  It was lovely just to have a week’s break away from everything.  I know I had a good rest as the week went too quickly and I slept well except for the first night as I was overtired and last night.

We got home with a thud as we went to visit our friend with our / her friend before getting home.  She was happy to see us and happy to have presents.  One was a Christian poem which I read to her and can be put up on the wall, and, two soft toys – one is a lamb, the other a meercat.

While we there her brother rang and our friend passed the phone to Rick.  He was asked if we could get a phone charger to our friend’s daughter so Rick said we could do that but asked him to allow us about one hour to one and hour 1/2 hours to drop the friend off and get our stuff home.  I wanted a shower anyway.  To cut a long story short they weren’t at the hospital when we got there so we left the charger with a nursae then when went food shopping with our neighbour who had gone along for the ride and do shopping.

After we got home and had started relaxing our friend rang up to say we had left her brother stranded so Rick told her what had happened but said we would go and collect him – he doesn’t drive and believed he had missed his last bus home.  Anyway it got sorted and we are picking him up tomorrow to visit his neice.