living with depression


…. and there is no rest for decent people trying to do the best job possible.

Last year we suffered at the hands of the tenant who lived above the shop we volunteer at and her stupid mates. She made the mistake of getting involved with someone she had gone to school with. We warned her not to get involved with him as he is trouble, her dad warned her as did a number of people who know his reputation. He threatened her one day so she split from him and he decided it was a good idea to smash the shop windows. The man was arrested soon afterwards and stupidly denied this until he was shown CCTV footage proving he had smashed the windows. He was charged and went to court a couple of weeks later where he was ordered to pay us compensation which will take about two years to pay.

The next night the tenant took an overdose so the police broke in the street door and the flat door. When the shop was burgled a few months previously the burglar(s) didn’t do much damage compared to the police. We had booked a holiday months before from the 23rd April 2017 so we weren’t happy. In the meantime the windows and doors were dealt with and the tenant got new keys. Five days later she took another overdose and we were obviously still away.

After that the brother of the idiot who smashed the shop windows smashed one of the shop windows then on another day broke one of the flat windows. Almost a year on the only insurance that has been paid out is for the flat window.

We came to an arrangement to pay the glazing firm who came out twice but he still took us to court. We offered to pay him £10 a week minimum which he agreed to by email and through the court. This was fine then he decided to take the case to the county court so we went to speak to the bailiff after receiving correspondence. He rang the glazier who admitted after being asked five times if there was an arrangement in place. The bailiff told him that he couldn’t do this to us as there is an agreement in place so it didn’t go anywhere. The lying shyster then went to the high court and we, again, received correspondence so the county court dealt with it and as far as we were concerned that was that.

We came on holiday on Monday and on Thursday we got a phone call as a bailiff was there demanding we pay £1,861 or he would ‘shut us down’ and ‘change the locks’. A bailiff cannot do this if there is a dispute, which there is, and the volunteers should have challenged this. We aren’t disputing there is a debt but what we are disputing is the amount owed. What should have happened was I paid the remaining debt owed but not costs.

The glazier is a liar and what he has done is fraudulent. I can’t prove that we have made payments, it’s in the court paperwork that it has been agreed that we pay £10 pw and at the time we didn’t think to tell the other volunteers to search for the email I printed off where he accepted payments of £10 pw. It has caused me so much distress I would rather be dead than alive. I haven’t done anything wrong, I have kept the glazier informed of what’s happening and I have been making payments to the man. All because he regrets accepting my offer he is making my life a living hell.


We have had literally the week from hell. A week ago we got a telephone call from the police that the shop windows where we volunteer had been smashed – we are key holders. We had to go there as the shop needed securing and when we did at least one of us had to give a statement which I did. The one consolation was the police had already arrested the culprit and the CCTV footage proved who it was as well. The idiot who did it must have known we had CCTV as he lives next door in one of the flats as it is well advertised. He was facing the camera when he smashed the windows and even looked straight at it. Fortunately he was in effect forced to plea guilty because of that and is due in court on the 4th May.

The tenant who lives in the flat above the shop had been seeing the culprit despite being warned what he is like by us, her father and other people. She found out last Thursday for herself that we were all right as they had an argument and he threatened to hurt her. He used the shop as a way to get at us and it has generally been agreed that he thought she would be evicted because of his actions.

On Friday the windows were replaced and the person who did this knows it’s got to go through the insurance so has invoiced us. It cheered us up that the job was done so quickly.

On Friday evening we got another telephone call from the police asking us to go to the shop as they had to use force to get into the flat. We were furious as our mobile number is advertised in the shop window and in the time it took the police to get there we could have got to the shop and let the medics in to see to the tenant. So for the second night running we had to wait until the doors were boarded up to secure the shop and flat. The tenant had overdosed due to being scared of her now ex-boyfriend who had been released from the police station on the Friday afternoon.

We all feel very sorrow for the tenant as we all know what it is like to suffer with depression and be suicidal. From my personal point of view my moods have been erractic lately and I have been feeling like I’m on a tightrope that I could easily fall from it. Finding out that the tenant had overdozed had an extremely negative effect on me so I have had a personal battle not to do something stupid. The same person who dealt with the windows came out to board up the doors.

On Monday we set off to bonnie Scotland as we had planned this holiday a year ago. It is a well deserved break.

On Tuesday he dealt with the doors and gave a friend the new keys so the tenant could get back into the flat. She had been in hospital two nights, spent one at her dad’s and finally was temporarily living in Shildon. We thought everything would be okay now.

Late last night we had another telephone call from the police who needed to get in again due to a suspected overdose again. Rick explained that we are away and that it would take several hours to get there. He gave the police our friend’s number as she still had the shop keys. The police got through the street door okay but as the tenant had bolted the interior door the police still had to force that door. Now we have to deal with the door when we get home. The tenant is now back in hospital and she will get back in to the flat when we get home. I don’t know how much more stress I can take. So much for the restful break.


We went on a last minute break for four nights last week to Ayr in Scotland to cheer ourselves as much as anything else.  It was lovely and the weather was very good for us although that wouldn’t have stopped us going anyway.  Each day was perfect and we want to go back again as there is so much we want to see.  On Thursday we went to Arran and drove round the island although we didn’t stop at all of the villages.  One of our stops was at the distillery so we could go to the gift shop.  The prices went up to about £74 for some of the bottles of whiskey so our fingers ‘got burnt’.  I did buy a bottle of Robert Burns single malt and a Whiskey cream liquer.  Both are for special occasions.  We came home happy and relaxed, ready to get back to our normal routine which it did until yesterday.

Our so called friend’s daughter has been telling lies about both of us although the lies about Rick were far worse.  It has left us both angry, hurt and upset.  I am also devastated that someone that we have been kind to has told such vicious, disgusting lies although we suspect she is just kicking out at us because we wont take her mum to see her.  Our priority was always our friend so getting the daughter to the hospital was for her benefit, not her dsughter.  The problem is that even though the family is ‘known’ for being trouble and we have proved she has lied it still has to be looked into.  I wish I could understand why this is happening to us but we haven’t done anything wrong other than put our lives on hold for eight weeks for the family.

Over the past few years I have become better at trusting people and it is the local Methodist Circuit I thank for that as my confidence has been much better as well as my self esteem.  This woman has completely destroyed all of that due to her lies so I hope she is satisfied with herself for being so cruel.  Just because she has mental health issues doesn’t mean she should be allowed to get away with lying about other people.  Sadly all the family seem to lie even though they have been caught out.

I was doing well at keeping my severe depression under control but she has ruined that.  Now I’m back to square one and fighting suicidal thoughts which isn’t fair.  I am very scared that I won’t be able to cope and do myself some very serious home.